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"Ricky has worked and toured with various artists around the world as well as releasing two solo EPs in 2006, “Refraction” and “Disoriental”, both of which have been well received and highly praised in the press and public. Ricky’s Music has been featured on Major National UK Radio, including the show of Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio 1, who simply describes his track ‘Decadence’ as “Beautiful.” In July 2007, Ricky completed a 10 date tour of Japan, which established a recording deal with Independent Record Label, CD Lunch. His music is a full on experience, diverse in sound, style and mood. It reflects his passion for music, his skill, and his unique approach to his art. Ricky’s next release, “Rain Down Fire” is due for release in early 2009!"


"Rain Down Fire" due for release on the 31/01/2009. New material underway with the new trio, FEAT: Jay & Bern from Shiro. More news on that shortly."


Tokyo tour report - 1st of July to the 16th of July , 2007

Moshi moshi! Ricky-desu,

Thanks to my good friend, Ross McMullan, for his thoughts on the tour of Tokyo, July 1st through to the 16th, 2007.


5 Jul 2007 12:00
Kaetsu Music Festival, Tokyo

9 Jul 2007 20:00
Kaetsu University Seminar, Tokyo
Big thanks to Simon "Sensei" Clay @ Kaetsu University for the invitation to perform at such a receptive University. I'm really looking forward to performing at the University in 2008. Cheers Simon!

9 Jul 2007 21:00
Rock Factory, Tokyo (Roppongi)
Performance time - Approx 15 minutes
Music - "1314" & Improv
Audience - 20+, very receptive. Local music moguls were thoroughly impressed. Jammed with Tokyo based Hip-hop artist, Dave Whitaker. Quote - Dave Whitaker, "the next act should be amazing." Whether I met his expectations is unknown ;)

Visual - Live Improvisation @ Rock Factory, Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.

10 Jul 2007 19:00
The Pink Cow, Tokyo (Shibuya) - Workshop
Performance time - Approx 50 minutes
Music - "1314," Improv, & "Decadence"
Audience - Very receptive. I networked with some very enthusiastic Musicians from Tokyo & Fuji. Traded music & contact information etc.

10 Jul 2007 20:45
Cosmo's, Tokyo (Shibuya)
Performance time - Approx 60 minutes
Music - "1314," Improv, "Absolution," "Music Box," "The sky above," & "Decadence"
Audience - Mainly those who followed on from the previous workshop. An intimate atmosphere & a very receptive crowd.

10 Jul 2007 22:00 *
Ruby Room, Tokyo (Shibuya)
Performance time - Approx 15 minutes
Music - "1314," & Improv
"Blistering solo work! Great gig!" - RMc
Audience - 50+, very receptive crowd & a very intimate setting. Perhaps the best performance of the tour.

11 Jul 2007 21:00
Ruby Room, Tokyo (Shibuya)
Performance time - Approx 20 minutes
Music - "Absolution," "1314," & Improv
Audience - 30+, mainly Japanese & American. Networked with A&R at KR-International, CD Lunch, and other Tokyo based music representatives with ties at Sony BMG, Tokyo.

I fell asleep around 5am in a Punk bar, during which time Ross and Duncan covered me in ice cubes. Cheers lads. I believe my name is also written on the wall of the bar along with some other visiting Musicians. Ross had also written his name underneath in what would appear to be Morse code. Thanks to the bar staff for playing old school Metallica all night. A nostalgic night was had.

12th Jul 2007 21:00
Cosmo's, Tokyo (Shibuya)
Performance time - Approx 30 minutes
Music - "Absolution", "1314," & Improv feat. Dave Whitaker.
Audience - 20+, intimate crowd, very receptive, & thoroughly enjoyable.

Afterwards, I got up to jam with three Jazz musicians, two of which were from Tokyo (Guitar & bass) and the other from London (Saxophone.) We jammed for about an hour or so.
Suffice it to say that this gig was a great way to end a successful tour.

Thanks to Dave & Meg @ KR-International for organising a great induction tour of Japan. I'm looking forward to working with you both and the label in 2008. Thanks to Ross (as always) for being himself and his amazing host family, Koido, for looking after us. Thanks to everyone who I met at Wakeijuku (和敬塾. ) Thanks to all those who I met up with while I was in Japan, especially Duncan, Dave Whitaker, Yuki, Hide, Megumi, Claire, Nosomi (Mimi), Anna, Maria, Simon, Toma (と ま) & the lads.

Mata ne,



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