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"Ricky has worked and toured with various artists around the world as well as releasing two solo EPs in 2006, “Refraction” and “Disoriental”, both of which have been well received and highly praised in the press and public. Ricky’s Music has been featured on Major National UK Radio, including the show of Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio 1, who simply describes his track ‘Decadence’ as “Beautiful.” In July 2007, Ricky completed a 10 date tour of Japan, which established a recording deal with Independent Record Label, CD Lunch. His music is a full on experience, diverse in sound, style and mood. It reflects his passion for music, his skill, and his unique approach to his art. Ricky’s next release, “Rain Down Fire” is due for release in early 2009!"


"Rain Down Fire" due for release on the 31/01/2009. New material underway with the new trio, FEAT: Jay & Bern from Shiro. More news on that shortly."


FrEtnoise - 22nd of March, 2008 - Live at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

FrEtnoise - 22nd of March, 2008 - Live at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast

Brendan McCloskey - Guitar, Loopstation, Kaos Pad, & Audiomulch
Ricky Graham - Guitar, Gibson EDP, Line 6 DL4, & Ebow
Steven McKnight - Guitar, Nintendo Wiimote, & Loopstation
Bernard Flanagan - Max/MSP, Live Manipulation, & Visuals

"Tonight's recital features the first-time collaboration between three of Ireland's leading innovators in guitar performance/improvisation. Drawing inspiration from a variety of sources (Steve Reich, Pink Floyd, Robert Fripp, Andre La Fosse, Eliot Fisk, and Olaf Rupp, to name a few Masters), the three guitarists present a program of composed and freely- improvised works for your delectation, ably assisted at the laptop by Bernard Flanagan. Steve, Brendan, and Ricky are all seasoned performers, recording artists and instructors, having accumulated over forty years experience between them."

Samples of "1314" & of a live Improvisation are available via the audio scribbles menu to your left

Audio Scribbles

#2 "1314" - Ricky & Bernard
#3 "1314" - Ricky & Bernard
#4 "Improvisation" - Ricky, Bernard, Steven, & Brendan
#5 "Improvisation" - Ricky, Bernard, Steven, & Brendan
#6 "Improvisation" - Ricky, Bernard, Steven, & Brendan

Programme notes

"Unison" by Brendan McCloskey 2007
"1314" & "Sky Above" by Ricky Graham 2007/2008
"Fleeting: Motion in sound" by Steve McKnight 2008


"Mimic" by Brendan McCloskey 2008
"Unnecessarily Enigmatic Title No.1" By Graham, McKnight, & McCloskey

Thanks to Michael Barkley for the photos and audio

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